Aristotle’s Poetics Essay

Aristotle’s Poetics addresses the key concepts and components that make a tragedy into a work of art. Written around 330 BCE, these components still hold true for what helps to create a great tragedy, even in the 21st century.

Lost in England Essay

Four summers ago, I went on a school trip to England. Little did I know what was bound to happen. This trip was originally meant to be a literature tour of England. However, a lot more than “safely traveling” happened on this trip. The teacher mistakenly left me behind, but I was not the only one.

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Literature Review Poem for Haruko by June Jordan

In “Poem for Haruko” by June Jordan, June uses personification and imagery to give emphasis to how regretful and lonesome the speaker feels. For personification, the speaker expresses how they never thought they would keep a record of their pain or happiness. It is impossible to keep a record of pain or happiness, but this language is used to convey how important both the painful and happy moments were to the speaker to want to treasure them both.